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Global CCS Institute lists top clean energy innovators in 2023 report

Posted September 1, 2023

A carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology compendium compiled by the Global CCS Institute was just released, and includes a comprehensive feature of B&W’s ClimateBright™ decarbonization technologies.

“There is an urgent need for innovative, new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to tackle climate change and meet net-zero targets,” writes Matt Loughrey, the Institute’s Principal of CCS Technologies.  “碳捕获 and Storage covers a range of technologies that will be crucial in supporting these global efforts.”

The report titled “State of the Art: CCS Technologies 2023” highlights five B&W technologies that address CO2 排放:

  • BrightLoop™ chemical looping that results in separate streams of CO2 and oxygen depleted air, allowing for the capture of CO2
  • SolveBright™ post-combustion capture process that uses regenerable solvents to capture CO2
  • OxyBright™ oxy-fuel combustion that purifies the flue gas stream to simplify the capture of CO2
  • BrightGen™ hydrogen combustion eliminates the generation of CO2 by switching to a non-carbon-based fuel
  • Flue gas pre-treatment technologies that control SO2, SO3 and other emissions that can cause loss of CO2 capture solvents


Download the feature for details on these technologies (PDF):

Global CCS Institute Report


You can also view the entire compendium on the GCCSI网站.