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碳捕获 and Sequestration (BECCS)

Net-negative 能源 generation from solid fuels

Decarbonization and moving to net-negative

Negative carbon impact technologies 提供创新的方法 to meet 世界气候目标. 通过结合传统 bio能源 production with carbon capture and sequestration 技术(称为 BECCS), 能源 可以 产生于 a net-negative carbon intensity (CI) output.

如何? 植物吸收 carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Calculating the amount absorbed along 与封存 文书主任2 当生物质被使用时 作为燃料 能源 生产提供了一个网络 结果 of 碳强度低于零.

As 一个高度 可扩展的技术,BECCS是 an 新兴 创新 solution to decarbonize emission-intensive industries and enable negative carbon emissions from 能源 production.

生物能源与 碳捕获 and Sequestration (BECCS)


  • 负排放技术 提供创新的方法 to reaching worldwide climate goals
  • Process of capturing and permanently storing CO2 从生物质能发电
  • 碳中性:植物吸收CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow, offsetting CO2 emissions released when biomass is combusted
  • 碳负极:去除CO2 from carbon cycle (capture and sequestration)
  • As 一个高度 可扩展技术,BECCS 定位为 在这一努力中发挥关键作用

如果实施得当, BECCS not only provides benefits associated with net zero carbon intensity, 但可能进一步使访问成为可能 有益的 学分/补偿:

  • 45Q carbon sequestration credit via the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
  • 45Z and 40B clean fuel production credits via the IRA
  • 45V clean hydrogen production tax credits via the IRA
  • Meeting low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) when power/steam is used 生产 electrofuels, or eFuels
  • Additional revenue through monetization of carbon-negative offset credits for ESG

生物能源与 碳捕获 and Sequestration (BECCS)

Proven bio能源 project experience

B&W的使用经验 用于能源生产的生物质 是可行的. 我们的经验 涵盖了 a wide range of fuels and technologies for utilizing biomass 生产 steam for both utility and industrial customers 包括:

  • Bubbling fluidized-bed (BFB) boilers
  • Stoker-fired锅炉
  • Combustion technologies (grates, burners)
  • Stoker feeders (air spouts, screw feeders, vertical feeders)

生物能源与 碳捕获 and Sequestration - Rayonier Fernandina Beach

BECCS 技术 for power and steam

在一个创新的应用中,B&W’s biomass-fired BFB boiler 技术 是与 B&W’s OxyBright™氧燃烧 技术. Wet waste biomass such as forest litter, construction and demolition waste, 或者农业副产品, 可以 fuel our bubbling fluidized-bed boiler.

The boiler combustion air is replaced with nearly pure oxygen. CO的一部分2-rich flue gas is recirculated to the boiler, substituting CO2 对于炉中的氮. 结果产生了烟气 组成 主要是 of CO2. The balance of the non-recirculated flue gas is cleaned using particulate and sulfur removal systems, then sent to a compression purification unit (CPU) 生产 高纯度一氧化碳2 stream suitable for sequestration.

The combined use of biomass for the fuel and carbon sequestration 结果s in a source of 能源 that is carbon negative. 一个例子是B&W的贡献 项目Cyclus. B&W will provide the 技术 to power Fidelis’ state-of-the-art, 73,000-barrel-per-day Grön Fuels facility, 哪一个 被设计成 produce a range of clean fuels with a net-negative CO2 足迹.

生物能源与 碳捕获 and Sequestration - Bubbling Fluidized Bed biomass

生物能源与 碳捕获 and Sequestration - OxyBright Diagram

利用 废物(WTE) as the combustion 技术 is another viable option. Municipal solid waste (MSW) is typically considered to contain approximately 50% biogenic material. Although not as net-negative as using 100 percent biomass for the fuel, MSW still holds promise to provide the benefits of net-negative carbon intensity power production in those applications.

With conventional boiler combustion 技术, B&W’s SolveBright solvent absorption 技术 可以 利用 as a post-combustion carbon capture solution. B&W的创新 设计 允许 solvent flexibility to provide solutions 哪一个 are adapted to customers’ unique applications.

生物能源与 碳捕获 and Sequestration - 废物转化为能源


Another approach to net-negative 能源 production using biomass as the fuel source is with B&W’s BrightLoop chemical looping 技术. A unique advantage of this process is its ability to use solid fuels 生产 a range of possible outputs, 包括氢. 我们的技术 能够生产 几乎纯氢流 除了…之外 几乎纯净的一氧化碳流2.

使用 biomass as the source feedstock for B&W’s BrightLoop process, combined with the inherent CO2 隔离和隔离, a 净负CI能量生产 是可能的.

生物能源与 碳捕获 and Sequestration - BrightLoop model

技术 建模结果
含B的OxyBright&W的生物质燃烧BFB锅炉 Carbon negative electricity with a –2,500 g CO2e/kWh碳强度
含B的OxyBright&W的WTE技术 Carbon negative electricity with a –1,000 g CO2e/kWh碳强度
BrightLoop for hydrogen production with biomass as the fuel Carbon negative hydrogen production of –14 kg CO2H e /公斤2 (- 118g CO2e / H乔丹2)


  • 计算时考虑二氧化碳2 emissions for biomass harvesting and transportation to plant site.
  • CO2e = CO2 等效